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Thank you for visiting the scheduling calendar for BOSSY Wigs™.

Here you can schedule an appointment to have your custom hand sewn BOSSY Wig™ fabricated. You can select a Velvet U-nit (Standard U-part or Closure wig), Perfection Redefined (customized, extremely flat wig) or Custom Designed Wig (requires custom quote). BOSSY Wigs™ are a long term option for hair extensions and for the price of one to two installs you can have a durable and versatile hair styling option for years.


BOSSY Wigs™ are customized to fit YOUR head and YOUR style. Have a different idea in mind that is not offered? Shoot me an email and we'll come up with a custom hairpiece suited to fit your needs. BOSSY Wigs™ are made with durable materials and the price includes your BOSSY Wig™ (hair and/or closure not included), use of unlimited ounces, use of any type of wefts, trim and up to 8 clips or combs. A customized storage box is included with all Perfection Redefined BOSSY Wigs™. For an additional charge you can also have your BOSSY Wig™ colored, highlighted, layered, deep conditioned and/or styled. Ready to wear units are now offered as well.


Live Video Consultations are now available. If you are having difficult with measuring your head, need help with blending, would like to see your unit LIVE on camera after completion, need assistance with comb placement or how to apply your unit, or just about anything else you can now book a LIVE Video Consultation to have all of your questions answered. Just select 15 minutes or 30 minutes from the LVC drop down on the scheduling form. You will then be contacted to schedule your personal, face-to-face consultation (webcam required).


Easy Blend is a concealed weft around the parting space. Hair is used to cover the track around the parting space that would otherwise be exposed. This option is ideal for those who have thinner natural hair, difficulty covering tracks with their natural hair or difficulty blending their natural hair with their extensions. Easy Blend does not create any additional bulk around the parting space.


R2W (Ready To Wear) service includes styling and packing your BOSSY Wig™ so that you may wear it immediately upon receiving it. You will have a perfectly styled unit right out of the box.

  • Standard unit
  • "U" Opening, 3/4, Closure, Custom Design
  • Lycra or Mesh pre-made base
  • Hidden seams (no cap exposed)
  • Minimal bulk, ideal for mid to low ponytail or down styles


  • "U" Opening, 3/4, Closure, Custom Design
  • Custom Hand sewn stretch base
  • Option to design multiple parting spaces
  • FLAT hidden seams
  • Miniscule amount of bulk
  • Ideal for low density leave out/edges
  • Ideal for high/mid/low ponytails, updos, down styles, up-down styles
  • Base offers minimal tension, extreme comfort, quick drying
  • Weft flexibility (hair moves more freely, decreasing track exposure)
  • Includes custom, hand-painted storage box
  • Includes shipping and R2W styling* (if requested)

BOSSY Wigs is now offering RUSH SERVICE and 2 Day Service! RUSH Service units will be completed and shipped within 3+ business days (depending on additional services requested). 2 Day Service units will be completed and shipped within 2 business days. Rush and 2 Day Service requests must be made via email to


Once you schedule your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. One week prior to your appointment date you will receive a shipping address. You then ship your hair 3-7 days prior to your appointment date. Once I receive your hair, you will receive a photo to confirm the contents of your package as well as a Paypal invoice for a 50% deposit (non-refundable). Deposit must be paid within 24 hours. Your wig will be completed within 10 business days, at which time you will receive several photos of your BOSSY Wig™. Upon your approval of the photos, you will receive an invoice for the final balance (must be paid within 24 hours) and your BOSSY Wig™ will be shipped within 72 hours of invoice payment.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have at

** Please be advised, price listed in drop down box is for BOOKING FEE ONLY. There will be a non-refundable BOOKING FEE to schedule your appointment. This fee will be applied to the cost of your unit. 

The price of the unit construction is listed in the description under each wig selection.


*booking fee IS applied to the cost of your unit. Your remaining balance after booking will be the construction price MINUS the booking fee.

**Listed appointments are in reference to date only. Time is defaulted to 12 am PST.

***Shipping cost will be added to your final invoice based on your location.


*In the event that your final invoice is not paid within 24 hours, you will incur a storage fee of $10 per day, per wig.

**In the event that your deposit invoice is not paid within 24 hours, your hair will be returned to sender, and you will be billed for the shipping costs.

*** All deposits are non-refundable

 Prices subject to change

* BOSSY Wigs reserves the right to refuse service to anyone